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Good Grogg!

Ebay is a must for any serious Grogg collector, as you just don’t know what may appear on there from one day to the next. You hope you haven’t missed a bargain 'buy it now' or the seller hasn’t taken an offer to take the figure off the site (and do a private deal 'which is against ebay policy' to avoid paying ebay and paypal fees).

If you are a vintage Grogg collector then ebay was worth keeping your eyes on as four highly collectable and large Groggs sold. Anyone hoping for a bargain was sadly mistaken as these pieces fetched what I believe to be record prices (not including charity auctions).

Martin and Wheel 2nd Row - Grogg (1)

Martin and Wheel 2nd Row - Grogg (2)
The Second row of Allan Martin & Geoff Wheel in Wales Kit
This solid figure is 16 inches tall
Sold for £2750

Mervyn Davies Grogg - £340 (1)

Mervyn Davies Grogg - £340 (2)
Mervyn Davies in Wales Kit
Sadly this figure at some point in life had lost its head, 17 inches tall
Sold for £340

Pontypool Front Row - £6602 (1)

Pontypool Front Row - £6602 (2)
The Pontypool Front Row in Wales Kit
This solid figure is 16 inches tall, scuffed paint to Faulkner’s eyebrow
Signed and dated 'John Hughes 1978'
Sold for £6602 !!

Gareth Edwards - £3702 (1)

Gareth Edwards - £3702 (2)
Gareth Edwards in Wales Kit
Made to commemorate Edwards 50th Welsh Cap
4th February 1978
England 6 v Wales 9
This figure is 23 inches tall
Sold for £3702

I am told that the same collector bought all four pieces for an incredible £13,394, in the item description he wrote 'cash on collection' which I suspect would have been interesting.

If anyone has any other early large Groggs we would love to hear from you.

Peter Douglas-Davies
Rugby Memorabilia Society

Peter Douglas-Davies