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Kick Off Rules Book (1) Kick Off Rules Book (2) Kick Off Rules Book (3)
‘Kick Off’ Cards Rules Book
Recently RMS member Phil Daniels put out a request for more information on a number of cards he acquired, to his amazement a full set appeared on ebay in its original box, game rules and a set of 48 cards. The set on ebay sold for a total of £315.

Full set of Kick Off Cards
The complete set of ‘Kick Off’ cards

Phil is inviting bids from members for his own spares:
which he has priced at £4 each, free postage.
Requests to

Phil Daniels Spare Cards
Pictured above are Phil’s spares
Held (2x), Failed (5x), Touch (3x), Collared (2x), Goal (1x), Pass (3x)

1970 - Wal v SA
South African member Don Vale is looking for a Springboks v Wales at Cardiff 1970 team photo:

195 Scotland-South Africa

Finally: New member Theo Geustyn wants contact with any collector(s) of Scotland Rugby Jerseys dating back to 1951/52 when the Boks also toured in the UK: he can be contacted at

Peter Douglas-Davies
Rugby Memorabilia Society

Peter Douglas-Davies